Instagramers Academy: promoting the conscious use of Instagram

In 2020, in Bolzano, in a historical moment full of uncertainty, the “Instagramers Academy” cycle of events organised by Instagramers Italia in collaboration with the local Instagramers Alto Adige Südtirol took place for the first time. The community, which has been dealing for years with the enhancement of the cultural and touristic heritage of our country, with more than 70 communities active in Italy, has thus launched a process to promote the conscious use of Instagram and mobile photography.

The Academies are free events, aimed at all those interested in understanding and consciously taking advantage of the potential of Instagram.

The events organised in Bolzano in 2020 were made possible thanks to the precious collaboration with DRIN, the new co-working space of the Province of Bolzano designed for young creatives who intend to network, establish collaborations and undertake business development paths in the context of cultural and creative production.

Instagramers Alto Adige Südtirol

The "Instagramers Academy Südtirol" sessions were held by Emily Louise Simonis and Roberta Creazzo (Socialboby), members of the Instagramers Alto Adige Südtirol group, one of the numerous local communities which carry out projects on their own territory, referring to provinces, regions or homogeneous territorial areas.

What is Instagramers Italia?

Instagramers Italia ETS is the association that brings together the official communities of the Instagramers network in Italy, part of the international network created by the Spaniard Phil González in 2011. To date, the network includes 520 Communities  located all over the world, of which 70 in Italy, managed with commitment by Local Managers, volunteer members who live in the area and who take care to keep the community active. The sum of the followers of these communities exceeds one million.
The main purposes of the association are the organisation of events to promote the territory and the Italian cultural landscape and to spread photographic culture and mobile photography  through meetings, training sessions and competitions.
The steering committee of Instagramers Italia ETS association is composed of the president Orazio Spoto, the treasurer Oreste Antignano, and the directors Barbara Lunghi, Antonella Manca and Emily Louise Simonis.

Instagram: @weareigersit


Instagramers Academy: Conscious Instagram

Wednesday 28 October 2020 - 18.00 - 20.00 (online @drinbz)

The narrative of oneself and of one's activity (whether it is work or passion) on social networks passes through a conscious use of tools. In this short course we examined the key issues to be aware of for a rational use of Instagram and photography. 

Instagramers Academy Südtirol

Saturday 29 February 2020 14.00 - 18.30 (DRIN)

During the first Instagramers Academy Alto Adige Südtirol we talked about Instagram and all the various tools available to make the most of its potential.
Location: DRIN - Corso Italia, 34 - Bolzano
DRIN, managed by Ripartizione Cultura italiana - the Department for Italian Culture (Ufficio Politiche giovanili - Youth Policy Office) - of the Province of Bolzano, enables the exploration of new languages and new cultural models focused on the present-day that gravitate around the world of creative and cultural economy, weaving a network with the cultural institutions of territory. This place is an incubator for ideas and synergies among young people in the area interested in the world of creative and cultural industries, a meeting point where you can be both actors and spectators of the city's artistic and cultural initiatives, a place where you can give shape to creative ideas and transform your passions into work.

Photo: Camilla Pizzini